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Australian Bushfires Aftermath: Burnt Eucalyptus Trees Damaged By The Fire

Australia’s Tourist Numbers May Take Years To Recover

Australia’s catastrophic bushfire season has done immense damage to Australia’s tourist industry. Then, just as heavy rain began to bring the situation under control, came the coronavirus outbreak in China – now the top source of international visitors to Australia.
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Amputee Athlete Jumping

Commonwealth Games were far better Integrated But Society Needs to Catch Up

The Commonwealth Games integrated the para-games into the main event which was fantastic and should serve as an example to other events on how to incorporate accessibility. However society in general still needs much improvement with basic infrastructure such as transport still having a long way to go.
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Toilets Sign

What is an MLAK Key & How It Can Help The Disabled With Accessibility

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) enables people who are physically challenged to have 24-hour access to public facilities. The MLAK system has been installed in elevators at railway stations, toilets in Council municipalities and National Parks, and in adaptive playground equipment throughout Australia.
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Golden Retriever Guide Dog

Guide Dog User Refused Boarding Onto a Bus

A guide dog user was refused boarding onto a public bus in Melbourne Australia. The driver even called the police on her. Watch the video interview.
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Passengers In The Interior Of The Airport. One person using wheelchair

What needs to be considered when travelling in a wheelchair? John and Ange Miezitis Speak Out

Hear an interview with a wheelchair user of 30 years who travels the world with his wife and is a self described foodie. They discuss air travel & accessible accommodation.
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Beach Vacation

Welcome to Travel For All

We are very happy to welcome you to Travel For All. Today we launch Stage 1 of Travel For All, our blog and forums.
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