Reach a Loyal and Growing Market


Finding the right marketing mix to compete in the tourism market is tough

Travel For All can help you attract new customers from the valuable and growing accessible travel market


Share detailed information and the accessible amenities of your property in your Travel For All listing.

This isn't about legal compliance. We will give you practical advice.


Travellers with accessibility needs are proven high yielding and loyal customers, who generally travel in groups.


A Travel For All detailed listing, along with us marketing to this community for you, will bring you more customers.

Link to this information from your website and other marketing channels.


Let people know more about you.


Download our fact sheet to learn more about accessible tourism.

Get 10 top tips for attracting more guests from this loyal and growing market.


Travel For All is new

Our Blog and Forums are now active

Tourism listings and key services will be available in early 2020


Claim Your Listing

Claim and complete your listing to showcase the features of your property.

The Travel For All Accessibility Toolkit will help you simply complete more detailed information about your property to assist customers with accessibility needs.

The accessibility information from the toolkit will form a part of your listing on Travel For All, making it easier for more people to find you.

Show your commitment to accessible travel by displaying your Travel For All badge on your website, linking directly to your listing.


Online Training

When you have more customers with accessibility needs, your staff need to be comfortable in interacting with them and providing assistance and information.

Train your staff (and yourself) in how to best cater to this market. The training can be completed online, and is not too time consuming

Includes disability awareness training and customer service training.



You will have access to a resources library to help you learn more about accessible and inclusive travel. You will learn how to better approach marketing for this sector.

We will give you information and ideas about how you can improve the accessibility of your property for sections of this loyal market.

Remember, most properties will never be accessible for everyone. You do not need to make expensive changes to be accessible for many people.


Yes, it is about accommodating wheelchairs and dogs
It is also about so much more 


Many of your current guests will have some accessibility needs. They may not have told you, and you won't always know. Your guests may have found information to let them know your property suited them, or they have been able to 'make do' this time.

The need for accessibility may be temporary or permanent and be related to age, disability, accident or illness. People may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations.

Over 4.4 million people in Australia live with disability. Half of the 3.7 million Australians aged over 65 live with disability. There are many more people, not classified as disabled, who have some access needs due to age, accident and illness.


Mobility: Many people need to know what the terrain is like around your property and what stairs or obstacles they may encounter inside and outside. Not all of these people use a wheelchair or mobility device. Less than 5% of people with disability use a wheelchair.

Sensory: People with vision or hearing loss will have a variety of needs related to communication and facilities. People travelling with assistance animals need to know the location of the closest toileting facility.

Communication: As an example, people with vision loss or communication difficulties will require consideration when deciding on the formats for property information and processes for bookings. The accessibility of your website is very important. 


Travel For All can provide you with the tools and training to confidently market to travellers with accessibility needs.

Your listing on Travel For All will be detailed so that potential visitors can decide if your properties suits their needs.

We are actively building a community of travellers who have accessibility needs. Your listing will be marketed directly to them.

You can link to your detailed listing from all your marketing channels.

Providing more information, gives travellers more reasons to choose your property when planning their travel.


Download our fact sheet to learn more about accessible tourism.

Get 10 top tips for attracting more guests from this loyal and growing market.

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