Finalise checklists and photos and send to us

We now ask for you finalise your checklist and photo files ready to send to us.

To prepare the information to send to us, please do the following:



1. Check that you have completed all checklists that relate to your tourism property. Please ensure that the informational the top right of each checklist is also completed, showing your business name and the name of the area covered in the checklist.

2. If you have decided to print your forms to complete manually, then scan your completed spreadsheets into one PDF document.

3. Alternatively, if you have a PDF file for each form, you can compress/zip the files into one file.

Click here to learn how to compress your files on MacOS and Windows.


Photos and Video

1. From the accessibility assessment you have completed, download the photos and video (if using) to your computer.

2. Organise your files into folders for each area of your business. E.g. Bathrooms, Guest Rooms, Bars & Restaurants, Tour Bus etc. If your property is small and you have under 30 photos you can leave all images in one folder.

3. For each photo and video that you wish to include, rename the file to give a meaningful name. e.g. Family Cabin – Living Room, Main Pool – entry steps, Reception area, Stairs to restaurant, Tour Bus entrance etc.

4. Create a separate folder for your standard marketing photos that you would like to highlight at the top of your listing page. You can include up to 20. Please ensure these are also appropriately named.

5. Compress or Zip the files in each folder, so you now have one zip file per folder. These are the files you will send to us.

Click here to learn how to compress your files on MacOS and Windows


Send final files to Travel For All

We now ask for you to send your completed checklists and photos to Travel For All. We will undertake the remaining steps required to complete your Accessibility Statement and have it available online at Travel For All.

To send your files to us, you need to complete a form on our website and upload the files to that form.

The files you need to send are:

  • One file for your checklists
  • Each of the .zip files you created for your photos in Step 3

Click here to complete the form and send your files to us.


What Happens Next?

Once we receive your files, we will create your Accessibility Statement on Travel For All.

This will normally be completed within 7 days, and often much less. We will notify you when your Accessibility Statement is live.

You will then need to link to your Accessibility Statement from your website. We will advise all the next steps at that time.


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