When visiting Travel For All, you will find links to all the services you need in the menus.

The main menu, at the top of the site, includes links to:

  • Travellers and sub menu
  • Tourism Operators and sub menu
  • Training and sub menu
  • Directory
  • Logon / Logout

For the Travellers item, the sub menu items are:

  • Directory
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Resources

Main Menu Travellers section


From the Tourism Operators item, the sub menu items are:

  • What is accessible travel?
  • Services for Tourism Operators
  • Free Guide to Accessible and Inclusive Tourism
  • Directory
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Resources

Main Menu Operators section


From the Training item, the sub menu items are:

  • Dashboard
  • Group Management
  • Training Login

Main Menu Training section


Some of the main menu items and additional pages are accessible from the menu on the footer section. These are:

  • About Travel For All
  • Services for Tourism Operators
  • Directory
  • Travel Blog
  • Discussion Forums
  • Help Centre
  • Contact Us
  • Media
  • All Legal Policies
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Notice
  • Ad Choices

Footer Menu


Use the Login option in the main menu to access the login screen. Note that the image behind the form shown below will change from time to time.

Login Form


Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a navigation screen with options of what to do next. You can select from here or use the main menu.

Guide Navigation Page


For Tourism Operator customers, please also refer to the article Logging into Travel For All in the Get Started section of the Customer Help Centre. This includes additional information if you need to create or update your listing or access your account details.


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