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Note: if you have just registered, you are automatically logged in.

When you come back into the website to undertake your training, follow these steps to login to Travel For All.

Login to Travel For All here

Note: if you wish to change your password, click on the Lost Your Password link to receive an email with a link to change your password.

Once logged in, you will see the page shown below. Select Training Dashboard.

Guide Navigation Page

Note that a link to the training dashboard also appears in your main menu under the Training item.

Main Menu Training



Your Training Dashboard

There is a link to your Training Dashboard in the main menu, which will show once you are logged into Travel For All.

Your Training Dashboard shows

  • the training group you are a part of along with details for the training group and your organisational contact
  • the training courses you are enrolled in and the current status of that training.

Training Dashboard


Complete your training

You are enrolled in the course, An Introduction to Disability.

In coming months, you will have access to new training courses as they are released. You will then see any additional courses on your dashboard.

Training Dashboard Detail

Click on START to commence the online training. You will be taken to the page shown below.





This course has 4 Lessons

  • What is Disability?
  • Let’s Talk About Disability
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Disability in the Community

Each lesson comprises reading and some lessons include videos.

Click on the first lesson in the Course Content table to start your training.




Expanding the content in the Course Content table will show you the topics in each lesson.



Once inside the lesson, there is some introductory text and then the Lesson Content as shown below. In the first lesson, there are 5 topics.

Click on the first topic to access the content.


As you complete each topic, click on Mark Complete.

Then click on Next Topic to continue.



In the sidebar, you can keep track of your progress. Lessons and Topics are ticked once completed.





There is a quiz at the end of each of the first three lessons. These comprise 5 to 10 multiple choice questions.

There is then a final quiz that covers all the course content.

You are required to gain 100% to pass each quiz. You can retake any of the quizzes.

On each quiz page, click on START QUIZ to begin.



For each question, select your answer and then click on CHECK to see if you were correct.



You will be shown whether or not your answer is correct.

Click on NEXT to proceed to the next question.





Following successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate that you can save and print.




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