When considering what adjustments or assistance your customers might require it is essential to understand that the majority of people will have invisible illnesses or disabilities and may be shy in asking for assistance.


This is a great article on the topic:


When you think about a
one that requires a mobility device or that’s visible in some form probably comes to mind. However, a majority of people who have a chronic health issue
actually live with an
invisible illness.

“Invisible illness” is a catch-all term for a wide range of health conditions, including mental illnesses, diabetes, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, autoimmune
disorders and many more. It’s estimated that a majority of people with an illness have one that
most people can’t physically see.

Though invisible illnesses and their symptoms differ from person to person, those who have them often share similar experiences with stigma, discrimination
and misconceptions. HuffPost spoke to people with invisible illnesses about what they want others to understand about living with their health conditions:””



Dale Reardon
Founder and CEO of Travel For All Accessible and Inclusive travel community and directory
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