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How I’ve explored 13 countries in a wheelchair: always great to read personal stories from people who have done what you may be thinking about doing… #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #travelforall


Tue Jan 28 03:40:01 +0000 2020


Travel tips for #seniors #travelwithelderly #elderly #seniorliving #seniortravel #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #travelforall


Tue Jan 28 08:10:02 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Making Our Cities Accessible For People With Disabilities Is Easier Than You Think #accessibletravel #disability #travel…


Wed Jan 29 00:30:09 +0000 2020


RT @debraruh: Honored to be featured in @DisabilitySmart #podcast with co-hosts @BrendanRoach & @LucyRuck. We chat about the differing stan…


Wed Jan 29 02:48:11 +0000 2020


RT @A11yNews: ‘I Wish We Could Connect on This Level.’ Memes Still Aren’t #Accessible to People Who Are Blind. What’s Being Done About It?…


Wed Jan 29 02:47:40 +0000 2020


Never before has a monopoly business #NDIS required so much marketing, PR & publicity! :


Wed Jan 29 02:47:32 +0000 2020


From National Geographic – How travel is becoming more inclusive #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #travelforall


Wed Jan 29 04:20:01 +0000 2020


@Travability NDIS has a Board, CEO and Executive – Most of the changes do not require legislative change so the NDIA needs to just get on with it & implement changes.


Wed Jan 29 06:27:23 +0000 2020


@Travability Yes I agree re necessary reform but the best education, advice & assistance is from NFPs/service providers & not the NDIA. NDIA needs to concentrate on implementing recent review & not waiting for Govt response / Govt to force them to change.


Wed Jan 29 06:26:01 +0000 2020


@Travability Even more importantly if #NDIS must obey staffing cap then marketing/comms would be the easiest jobs to outsource & employ far more people as planners & decision reviewers / scheme change implementors etc all which can’t be outsourced


Wed Jan 29 06:57:10 +0000 2020


10 Safe Travel Tips for Seniors – Travel Far and Wide #travelwithelderly #elderly #seniorliving #seniortravel #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #travelforall


Wed Jan 29 09:15:03 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Welcome to Travel For All #accessibletravel #disability #travel


Thu Jan 30 00:30:08 +0000 2020


A great article from Intrepid Travel explaining accessible and inclusive travel – What is accessible travel, and why should we be talking about it? #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #travelforall


Thu Jan 30 03:05:01 +0000 2020


@spacedoutsmiles @theblub @NDinDesign @NancyDoylePsych @saorog @diversein @FreedomTech_IRL @JoanJoanodo @SarahGBoland @jonhassell @noikeanolife @RathVivian @vivianmotti @MPPVM @a_m_alcorn0131 @SueReviews @paulw_design @katta_spiel @serayibrahim @tjoshaughnessy @cfrauenberger @NeilMilliken Some great posts on your site so thanks for referral. If you have any posts relating to travel, transport, holidays, accommodation etc then we take free guest post submissions here:


Thu Jan 30 04:50:35 +0000 2020


A starting point for tourism operators and organisations – ISO Standards for accessible travel #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #a11y #travelforall


Thu Jan 30 08:03:01 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Museums Present Visual Art As Beautiful Things You Can Touch #accessibletravel #disability #travel…


Fri Jan 31 00:30:09 +0000 2020


Thinking of travelling to Japan? If you use a #wheelchair, this might help – Wheelchair Accessible Trains and Subways in Japan #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #travelforall


Fri Jan 31 04:10:02 +0000 2020


RT @A11yNews: The Paralympic Games fails to increase #disabled people’s participation in sport | via @ConversationUK…


Fri Jan 31 05:35:26 +0000 2020


RT @GHMansfield: If it isn’t fair to expect a business to provide access for disabled people in 13 years, how much time would be fair? 15 y…


Fri Jan 31 05:33:37 +0000 2020


RT @smashingmag: The Importance of Media Accessibility, a comprehensive guide on how to consider visual impairments, light sensitivity, con…


Fri Jan 31 05:33:19 +0000 2020


RT @KatiePennick: Ever wondered what it feels like to be trapped on a train, unable to get off? Here is a video from my Point Of View, as i…


Fri Jan 31 05:34:01 +0000 2020


@CostaAsprou @CamdenCouncil @UberUK @RNIB_campaigns @DaleReardon We had problems with scooters / bikes in Paris & Brisbane – a very real & serious issue #TravelForAll


Fri Jan 31 05:33:05 +0000 2020


@pettigrew66 @DaleReardon @MSpals Just made sure I am following you also. If you have any problems at all please get in touch & look forward to talking with you further, Dale.


Fri Jan 31 05:30:56 +0000 2020


RT @simon_darcy: I really liked the title to the 10 year review of the Disability Discrimination Act by the @AusHumanRights “Don’t judge wh…


Fri Jan 31 05:35:13 +0000 2020


RT @wpmudev: So Facebook now has a log you can access which shows you every website which has shared your browsing/purchasing data with the…


Fri Jan 31 05:31:59 +0000 2020


RT @bamadesigner: Me: “We can’t put this functionality on the website until it’s made accessible for everyone.” Them: “But it’s essential…


Fri Jan 31 05:31:44 +0000 2020


RT @CostaAsprou: This #DocklessBike was left obstructing the pavement, metres from the RNIB front door at 2pm. I’ve moved it, but what step…


Fri Jan 31 05:32:12 +0000 2020


@pettigrew66 @DaleReardon @MSpals Also just noticed you have cont. at end of tweet but I can’t find another tweet – Was there one?


Fri Jan 31 06:02:06 +0000 2020


For travel outside Australia, this article profiles some Senior-Friendly Travel Destinations #travelwithelderly #elderly #seniorliving #seniortravel #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #travelforall


Fri Jan 31 09:02:01 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Making Our Cities Accessible For People With Disabilities Is Easier Than You Think #accessibletravel #disability #travel…


Sat Feb 01 00:30:10 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Flying long-haul, at any time, can be a challenge. When you are old there are a few extra things to think about. #flying…


Sat Feb 01 03:10:00 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: A few things to check off the list if you are planning to fly and have a disability #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel…


Sat Feb 01 08:02:00 +0000 2020


RT @NDIS: #BondiBeach is now accessible for everyone! Australia’s most iconic landmark is celebrating the opening of a new accessible ramp…


Sat Feb 01 13:57:49 +0000 2020


RT @TwitterA11y: Get those GIFs ready. Starting today, when you Tweet from you can add alt text to any GIF just lik…


Sat Feb 01 13:57:12 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Welcome to Travel For All #accessibletravel #disability #travel


Sun Feb 02 00:30:09 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Travelling with a Visual Impairment: Can We Make Accessibility Trendy? #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disability #…


Sun Feb 02 04:04:01 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: What It’s Like to Travel When You Use a Wheelchair – hear from those who do #accessibletravel #inclusivetravel #disabili…


Sun Feb 02 09:07:00 +0000 2020


RT @simon_darcy: What is it with people that they are so inconsiderate or oblivious to #Wheelchair #Accessible #Parking that they end up pa…


Sun Feb 02 14:40:35 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: Museums Present Visual Art As Beautiful Things You Can Touch #accessibletravel #disability #travel…


Mon Feb 03 00:30:11 +0000 2020


RT @travelforall_: 12 Lively Australian Cities For All Traveler Types (note: these are cities and not regional towns, of which many have be…


Mon Feb 03 04:05:01 +0000 2020



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